Our History

I started working in the pizza business in 1995 at D.J.s Pizza in Lowerlake. I worked there for Donald Fehr for 8 years, learning all there was to know about the pizza business.

In 2001 Don offered me the opportunity to purchase one of his locations in a few years (2003). I could not pass this opportunity up. I was a little scared to go off into the business world, but said yes.

I named the business Pogo's Pizza because Don had always wrote my checks out to P. OGO.

My husband Pete was a Butcher at Rays Food Place for over 9 years. There is where he learned the best cuts and types of meat there are. This is why we use the best beef and sausage on our pies. Only the Best at Pogo's. Finally 2003 came and we soared off on our own, adding and creating really good food to add to our menu. We are family owned and operated,with our grown children & Grandchildren following along side of us to learn and grow with us.Our food is made with love. We are very proud to serve our community, and love that our community thinks of us. Thank You.

We had a goal to open another location in 3 years in Clearlake . We opened our second location in 2006 in Clearlake.

March 2014 we moved our Clearlake location to the town of Kelseyville on Main Street.
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